Mindfulness and Healing

August 24, 2022


Scientist and Owner of Equalibrium

I am an Intuitive and Subconscious Soul Healer [and a Neuroscientist] guiding purpose-inspired individuals to heal their personal trauma so that they can serve humanity at their highest level.

As an Intuitive Healer, I combine science, energy work, mindfulness and meditation in my approach. Cuban by birth, I moved to Canada in 2002. I hold four scientific degrees [Masters Degree in Human Vaccines, Masters Degree in BioChemistry, Bachelors in Biology] and the last one a PhD in Neuroscience. I had already dedicated over 25 years to health sciences when my own personal healing and growth journey led me to discover that I had always been a healer.

My passion is seeing people happy and excited about themselves and their lives! I founded EQUALLIBRIUM in 2017 and have since touched the lives of 1000's of individuals.

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