How To Listen To Your Intuition

August 31, 2022

Francesca Dattilo

Owner, Francesca Dattilo, Counselling, Coachigng, Consulting

Francesca Dattilo teaches her clients how to take control of their minds, get into the driver's seat of their emotions, master their stress and get and keep healthy relationships. As a counsellor, she works with individuals 21 and above living with Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Stress, Relationship and Codependency Issues. As a Coach, she works with women bosses (Business owners, Directors, Executives) who have lost their way in a particular area of their lives, find their way by showing them how to reconnect to themselves so that they can create genuine success and truly live their Boss Life. Finally, as a Consultant, Francesca provides group and individual Dialectial Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Consultation  to other mental health professionals who want to better serve their clients and themselves.

Francesca Dattilo is a Registered, Social worker Psychotherapist and a Certified Transformational Life Coach. She has Masters Degree in Social Work and has graduated from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. For the last 26 years, she has helped thousands of clients with their mental health, personal growth and success. In 2019, she was awarded the For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs (FEBE) Holistic Health Award.

She has been speaking and offering workshops for the last 20 years. Topics include DBT training, suicide intervention, crisis intervention and understanding mental health to hospitals, and various mental health and social service organizations. She has also provided transformational workshops in her community to local business network groups, multilevel marketing companies, spirituality centers and independently, on topics related to career, business, money, weight release, assertiveness and effective stress management.

Since 2016, Francesca has been  a volunteer executive committee member for Mental Health Professionals Ottawa, a non-profit organization that offers professional development and networking to Mental health Professionals and Coaches Canada.

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Francesca Dattilo

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