How to Assist an Aging Parent

November 2, 2022

Teresa Moerer

Teresa Moerer LLC

Teresa Moerer is a physical therapist, author, coach, and speaker. Her book, The Art of Assisting Aging Parents, is based on her career and the experience of caring for her parents.

While working in multidisciplinary group therapy in skilled rehabilitation, she developed a framework for building the body, brain, and spirit to achieve optimal mobility and personal life. She now uses the scientific-based research behind her training to teach therapists, businesses, and teams how to build and use exceptional experiences to gain peak performance.

Teresa believes that people worldwide can use her Experi-Age™ training as they face the challenge of keeping their parents healthy and aging in place while continuing to manage their personal life and commitments. She also finds superior outcomes with her patients and clients as they not only succeed but grow and thrive into the future.

Teresa and her husband visit their three grown children, and she enjoys gardening, cooking, and oil painting in her spare time.

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Teresa Moerer

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