Having hard conversations with seniors you love

September 21, 2022

Shawn Anthony

Professional Storytelling, Writing

A native of Fogo Island, Shawn Anthony’s storytelling ability is a legacy passed down from his ancestors who spent their lives working on the ocean. As a child, Shawn moved to Scarborough, Ontario with his family where he spent his life trying to figure out what and where home was and where he belonged. Currently, Shawn’s home is in Ottawa with the people he loves most in the world.Shawn is a Dad to two, husband to one, son of two, brother of one and friend of many.  Monday to Friday, 9-5 he works in Marketing and Business Development for a company that helps families with disabilities.  It is there that he tries to leverage his communication skills which he has developed and hosted financial literacy seminars for audiences ranging from a few in a community centre to hundreds in a convention centre’s main hall.  Shawn has also worked on Parliament Hill, and has also written a regular monthly column the Down Home Life Magazine ( ). Shawn has authored “Apse The Gate” ( ), which is a collection of his stories often contrasting the differences and similarities between his urban Scarborough surroundings and his rural Newfoundland roots.  Shawn also shares these stories and many others on his podcast “Shawn Anthony’s Story Shop, Gas Bar and Take Out” ( Shawn started storytelling in front of a live audience in 2018 with Untold Ottawa (  There, he would share his stories once a month in front of audiences ranging from 24 people to 48.  In February, 2021, he was selected to Perform at Ottawa’s Signature Series ( ).  There he performed a live one-hour broadcast of his stories.  Among all of the performers, he had sold the most tickets and had the most viewers.  In May, 2018, Shawn Volunteers monthly with The Good Companions Seniors’ Centre “Centre-Without-Walls” program, where once a month, a shares a story over the phone via a conference call to isolated Seniors in the Eastern Ontario region ( ). His passion though is time with his kids and sharing his stories.  As the son, nephew and Grandson of epic storytellers, Shawn said that from being around them, what he really learned that has stuck with him more than anything else was not just how to tell a story, but how to appreciate one.

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Shawn Anthony

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