Finding and Fiercely Protecting Your Balance

December 8, 2021

Julie Fournier-Elrefaie

Owner, Live your balance

Julie is married to her sweetheart of twenty-one years and is mom to two amazing daughters and one rather stubborn German Shepherd. She is a small town girl from New Brunswick who moved to Ontario more than two decades ago. She has a Master’s Degree in Criminology and Women Studies and spent more than 15 years working in federal corrections. She is currently a yoga teacher and wellness Coach trained in the Integral method.

In 2014, Julie’s husband was involved in a serious car accident that left him with permanent physical and cognitive disabilities. She struggled with balancing her husband’s recovery needs, raising their daughters, running the household and maintaining her employment. She knows very well what it is like to live in survival mode and to feel powerless to change anything.

This experience altered her outlook and her career path. Julie believes her yoga practice was the one thing that sustained her during the most challenging periods. As her husband became progressively more independent, she decided to pursue Yoga Teacher training and extra training in teaching mindfulness meditation and in teaching yoga to children. She currently teaches four weekly yoga classes and teaches workshops for tweens and teens. She also previously ran summer yoga camp sessions.

Julie then pursued coaching training so that she could use her experience to support caregivers. She is passionate about exposing the challenges that caregivers face and the overwhelming responsibilities they shoulder, often behind the closed doors of their homes. Julie works alongside caregivers to find practical solutions to their challenges and to manage the difficult emotions that come from being in the caregiving role. Julie is a firm believer that wellness stems from an effective management of our energy levels and in maintaining a connection between mind, body and spirit. She brings that belief to her approach in both her work and personal life.

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Julie Fournier-Elrefaie

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