Healthy Aging

December 1, 2021

Tania Silletta

Therapeutic Recreation and Founder of Bloom Therapeutic Recreation and Fitness

Since completing her Bachelor's degree with specialization in Therapeutic Recreation from Concordia

University in 2010, Mrs. Silletta has since gained experience working with various populations, from

older adults living in long term care facilities, para-sport development, palliative care as well as serving

many individuals in community-based centers. More recently a Therapeutic Recreation entrepreneur,

Mrs. Silletta founded a private practice, Bloom Therapeutic Recreation & Fitness inc. in 2018 out of

passion for more education, inclusion and accessibility for all in sports and recreation. Bloom

Therapeutic Recreation currently serves a variety of populations such as older adults, post-stroke

patients, youth and adults living with acquired brain injuries (ABI) and intellectual disabilities as well as

developmental delays via their many programs and services, while also consulting in TR development

and leisure education for the general public and various non-profit and community organizations. Her

passion for Therapeutic Recreation Private Practice has brought Mr. Silletta to become involved as the

TRO Lead for the Private Practice Community of Practice.

Mrs. Silletta is a part-time faculty member of the Therapeutic Recreation Graduate diploma at Algonquin

College in Ottawa, teaching the courses on Aging & Therapeutic Recreation and Therapeutic Recreation

Entrepreneurship. She is dedicated to student success and professional advancement as she takes on

over 8 student-interns in their practicum placements every year to help them gain the skills and hands-

on experience working with individuals in our community. Mrs. Silletta was selected for the Minister's

Award of Excellence for her work in the Therapeutic Recreation (TR) graduate certificate program in fall

of 2020 and continues to live her passion for Therapeutic Recreation & Innovative practice.

Co-researcher for the ongoing research study titled: ‘The Healthy Aging Collective’, Tania and her

colleagues are currently looking at the perceived experience of contribution of older adults on

educational resource development. They are working with over hundreds of seniors across Canada on a

unique “Wellness Workbook” that is developed by seniors themselves, while they share their opinions

and thoughts on what really contributes to healthier aging. This interactive workbook will be published

and available to seniors, caregivers, professionals and organizations across Canada in 2022.

Bloom Therapeutic Recreation and Fitness

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Tania Silletta

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